artistic project

As time elapsed the ensemble created the musical identity required for the interpretation of French music.Its international presence is a reflection of this specific identity. If creativity is always part of its production, the ensemble nevertheless also sees as part of its mission, the diffusion of the work of the great composers who contributed so greatly to the musical history of the 21st entry.

It is also the case that these selections were made in a cooperative manner by the musicians of the ensemble. If their affinities made them particularly sensitive to the interpretation of what is known as "spectral" music, they even so were not bound by any specific esthetic model. Their repertoire is therefore a large one, not dogmatic, their concern being that through their efforts and the works they present in concert, they will demonstrate a pleasure and a passion which will be communicated to the public.

At this start of the 21st century, they also wish to maintain an objective perspective on the different esthetic currents that marked the last century. Impressionism, modernism,the avant-garde, the conceptual revolution, the new modernism, the return to the classic, the romantic, have of course their historical meaning. But what remains at the end of the day once all passion is spent? What is the intrinsic value of a work? Is the choice a matter of feeling? It is to make known these kinds of music to a public larger than the inner circle that L'Ensemble Temps Modernes conceived different concert programs that intermingled works from these varied esthetic directions. The ensemble created a kind of journey of sound to the 20th century, a way of returning to that century which, like the previous centuries, was signposted a priori with the forbidden, with preconceived thinking and judgements. They hope in this manner to give greater diffusion to essential works of the last century, works which today are not well-known.

The relation between music and electronic is always present in its work and the ensemble hopes to widen its activities in this domain.

The ensemble is made up of teachers and part-time musicians. Because they wish to spread their savoir-faire the musicians of the ensemble associate their artistic projects with many pedagogic projects, both regional and international

Their pedagogic projects take many different forms: teaching of the contemporary repertoire in conservatories and music schools of the Rhone-Alpes region; participation of teachers and students of the conservatories and music schools in the concerts of L'Ensemble Temps Modernes; pedagogic concerts with commentary; rehearsals with commentary, master classes….

In the pedagogic domain, the ensemble has up to now created on-going regional partnerships with the CNSMD and the CRR of Lyon.

Thanks to the support of the Cultural Division of the French Consulate in Shanghai and the French Embassy in Beijing, the ensemble is able to give priority to its activities of diffusion in China